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Little Teddy's (Raphael) troubles

a response

I do not like Ted Cruz

I don't I don't like him on a boat,
I don't like on a float
I don't like him on CNN
I don't like to see there again

Not cbs, not abc, I don't like what he says to me
Not in debate Not at a dinner Jeevus save us,
say he's not a winner

I don't like what he's about
I don't like his foreign policy
I don't like his practiced idolatry

I don't like him when he gloats
I don't like his ideas,
I don't like,
Not Eye-OH-WAY, and not New Hampshire
I don't like him, when he stands there

Not on a stage nor even townhall meeting
I just abhor what I am see'n
Even in his "native" Texas,
they wonder Where this guy will take us

And in the Senate he's no gem
Among them he ain't got no friends
Don't like his whine,
his accusations
As he tromps around our blighted nation
Still he has some bux you see
He never got'm from you or me

He's got a Rightwing Sugar daddy
Whose ideas he carries like poisoned candy

Some can't tell what he's about
But if you look - he's just a lout

A bully and a boor is he
And that's what many, surely see

He makes some noise
And scares some folks
As for me - one can only hope

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