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PNN - Poets of the East... So FAR

produced & edited by RW Spisak

PNN - Poets of the East -SEASON 2 - Episode Six (part 2)
with Special Guests Iryna Zahladko and Deborah M. Hodgetts

Two amazing poetic voices. Iryna Zahladko from Ukraine now based in the Czech Republic. She shares memories and poetry

from her unique international and Ukrainian perspective.

Deborah M. Hodgetts, our second guest in this episode a poet, Healthcare educator, Novelist and 12-time award-winning, playwright shares her story as the daughter and granddaughter of poets as well as her many adventures today.

Both poets share their amazing poetry. Other amazing POETS of the EAST Episode PART 2 of Episode 6.

Produced and Hosted by Rick Spisak, Producer
Poets of the East for Canary in a Coalmine Films

EPISODE 6 (Part 2)

PNN - Poets of the East -SEASON 2 - Episode Six (part 1) -
Host Rick Spisak is joined by Special Guest Kemlyn Tan Bappe

POETS of the East hosts International Literary Ambassador the talented artist, poet, dancer Kemlyn Tan Bappe of "Q's Blue World".
When she's not teaching or working in her studio, Kemlyn performs regularly in venues across the globe.

She hosts with her brother Lu-Shien Tan a WEB CAST called BTL (Between the Lines.) welcoming artists from beautiful Singapore to San Francisco and beyond.
In our interview she tells us a little of her childhood backstory and talks about her wonderful blossoming from a silent wounded child to the Beautiful International Poet, Dancer, Artist and Producer she is today. We were all deeply moved at her marvelous transformation and the strength she shines with today. She just recently completed a project nurturing young poets across the globe. Helping them hone their craft.

Produced and Hosted by Rick Spisak, Producer
Poets of the East, for Canary in a Coalmine Films


POETS of the East, Episode 5 (Part II) - Our special guest, award winning
international Poet and playwrite Jacqueline Morrey-Grace -

Host Rick Spisak welcomes Jacqueline Morrey-Grace, poet, playwrite and teacher, who joins us from her home on the Isle of Man.
She discusses her poetic life and recites her passionate poetry.

She joins us to discuss her amazing life and recite her glorious poetry. We know you will enjoy her dramatic talent and her amazing poetry.

Rick Spisak, Host / Editor and Producer

April 2022


POETS of the East, Episode 5 (Part I) - Our special guest, award winning international Poet and translator Lucilla Trapazzo -

Co-Host and Associate producer Mircea Dan Duta

has invited Lucilla Trapazzo of Italy and Switzerland to share her poetry and share a little of her artistic adventures with us. Lucilla has been an actor, director, producer, performer and artist as well as professional translator. Her travels have taken her around the globe and she has performed across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

This is the fifth episode in a End of the Year Series produced and Co-Hosted by Rick Spisak (Poet of the Three River) and former producer of the International Newscast PNN (Progressive News Network.) Mircea Dan Duta, of poet of prodigious talent and a great heart and humanity. has brought us so many talented voices from Europe and beyond, brings us the prodigous talent of Lucilla Trapazzo. Give her a listen.

The Show and many others are available from YouTube
Rick Spisak Co-Host and Executive Producer and Editor



PNN - Poets of the East - EPISODE 4 - Co-Hosted by Mircea Dan Duta and Executive Producer Rick Spisak featuring special guests Alexandra Psaropoulou and Rawl Iam James

Poet and artist Alexandra Psaropoulou brings us her amazing work, which is poetry that is interwoven with fantastic artwork. Rawl Ian James is an extraordinary poet who speaks with an ancient resonance and the deepest of truth. Lend these two poets a few moments of your time. And as always Mircea brings his keen indepth poetic analysis.

Produced & Edited by Rick Spisak, for Canary in a Coalmine Films
Music by UN1Son

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Episode 4

PNN - Poets of the East - Season 2 Episode 3

Co-Hosted by Mircea Dan Duta and Executive Producer Rick Spisak

Guests this Episode Rebecca Lowe of Wales, and Felix Nicolau of Romania

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Episode 3

PNN - Poets of the East- Season 2 Tribute to Gelda Castro

Hosted by Rick Spisak,Producer and Host of POETS of the East
Tune In and please share

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Tribute to Gelda

PNN - Poets of the East - Season 2 Episode 2 - "POE Enters the ZOOM PARADE" Hosted by Producer Rick Spisak

We launched it with an amazing entourage of poets from the Europe and America.

Lucilla Trapazzo a poet from Switzerland, Rhoda Thomas from Swansea Wales, Christine Hall from Nashville, Christopher George, and Gelda Castro from Rio d' Janeiro - I was ably assisted by Franchesa Kirkpatrick. Hosted, Produced and Edited by Rick Spisak Executive Producer of POETS of the EAST

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Episode II

PNN - Poets of the East - Season 2 EPISODE 1 - "This week we have Kelly Buchan Poet, author, and Diviner" Hosted by Rick Spisak, Producer and Host

Kelly is a poet and author of depth, a woman who has studied widely and write on a wide range of topics.

We think you will find this chat with this most talented writer interesting and enjoyable. Her joy is infectious.
Rick Spisak Producer/Host Poets of the East.

Check it out Anytime
Rick Spisak Producer / Co-Host

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Episode 1