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KOCH WALK of Gov. Scott

Lowest approval rate of any governor in America

Has that "rating for a reason". The UNPOPULARITY stems, not from a modest electoral margin but from his CORPORATION FIRST POLICIES.

His purging of a "public" meeting of all but the TEA PARTY TRUE BELIEVERS is more than an accident. It is the approach used by more and more republicans to shut down participatory democracy. LOCKING OUT DEMOCRATS and INDEPENDENTS is an profoundly ant-democratic approach to governing.

The republicans in Florida have committed themselves to a course so radical that their only constituency are the CORPORATIONS and their Tea Party adherents. The republicans have bled government dry of revenue, by gutting all taxes and using this as a bludgeon to eliminate any services that might help working citizens in favor of their CORPORATE MASTERS. The purchasers of YACHTS and PRIVATE planes must get a tax break, too bad it's at the expense of the elderly and the infirm, but for the social darwinists in the KOCH-LED republican party, the price for a tax-free corporatist gold-lated life style is not too high. It only requires the gutting of infrastructure for the working class. Luckily with the privatization of prisons, and the addition to the slave labor workforce will lower the pressure for more jobs.

One positive result of this LOCKSTEP KOCH-WALK style of governance is they have so energized Independents and Progressives, a new movement has spring up in response. Uniting like never before independents, Environmentalists, Democrats, Progressives, Economic Justice and Union-workers - Say hello to the Awake the State movement.

Activists have come together across the state to oppose the wholesale give-away of public resources and Government fire-sale to corporate interests. Privatization of SCHOOLS, PRISONS and POLICY has been based on a strickly FACT-FREE Ideology-Only bias. And all of these public decisions are made and implemented in a monolithic corporate sanctioned privatized governance. WHen you purge access to the governance. When the reins of government are isolated in one corporate clad glove the public good, cannot be served. Ask around the privatization of the prisons has been brought to Florida by one powerful constituency... WHO? follow the money...

[GREGG ALLEN] your reporter seemed content to accept the official view that he's disliked not for his mono-maniacal imperial corporatist style of governance but because he won his seat with a narrow margin.. His stepped up thwarting of electoral access... is merely just a side benefit of his TIN-EAR for democracy.