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Osama gone but not forgotten

This is about the Propaganda War, about the misdirection and about taking one more "bogey-man" out of the gallery of ghouls - brought to you by the American Theatre of the mind, by and for the Military Industrial Complex (tm). Even taking out a major general, or decapitating a senior leader of a nation is one thing all the world's a stage.

Imagine if you can what decades of Western Imperialism, and Corporate Corruption and manipulation and support of middle eastern despots does. Could it have placed western powers on the right side of history visa vis the growth of democracy.

Support for petty despots, continuing the underwriting of pliable fiefdoms, has been modus operandi for western powers since before British Intelligence used TE Lawrence to bring tribal Arabs into WWI.

Western promises for equitable deals for Arabs tribes on their own resources are a longtime coming. Inserting western influence and placing "pet tyrants" on thrones has been the way business has been done. Mubarak, Sadam, the Shah and so many others has been standard operating procedures. 

The west has inserted and removed leaders, funded and tamed presidents, and kings, investments in tyrants has helped keep people power in the wings. Thinking the communities of the Middle East have no legitimate grievances is historic illiteracy. Removing bin Ladin and even Al Quaeida will not change that.