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 we're in Afghanistan for the MINERALS [forever]

We've heard this song before, carefully enunciated lip-service to eventually "rebuilding" our nation [as an alternative to rebuilding the nation we've been blowing up]  (promises - promises)

We must [the Precedent says] honor the sacrifice of the young men and women we have previously sent to protect our economic interests. And out of respect for the destruction and havoc wreaked upon those young lives so cavalierly spentwe must, we must, we must, continue to spend EVEN MORE young lives [equally casually]. 

We heard it in Viet Nam, we've heard it in the glorious and noble battles throughout our many many many glorious wars. We heard it about the glorious wars in Iraq. [We're still there, biggest embassy ever built - Or have you forgotten by the way.]  

And now we're hearing it again, this time in (mineral rich) Afghanistan. [Luckily most people have zero attention span, and less historical knowledge.] Let's not forget our very important secret wars inColumbia, Honduras, Chile, and one of my favorite SECRET WAR the War in Yemen. Which as Secret WARS go, is quite a HIT! - Number One with a DRONE MISSILE.

Won't it be great when ALL OUR ONGOING WARS can be run from strip malls by kids trained on VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES and all the boots on the ground will be filled by ROBOT FEET. BOY-OH-BOY will we be having some fun then.

Personally I was surprised, President "O" only once mention our noble struggle to defend the Afghan women the right to become CONSUMERS... Which we know, it the most important role a citizen can fulfill. Especially if they can buy DUCT-TAPE! About those Saudi womenhoping for the freedom to drive... they're on their own.

solidarity & peace