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The Long Slow Arc

The long slow arc of human liberty has set backs, and great leaps. Often when offense is heaped upon offense, so as to catch even the ear of the distracted, great things can happen.

The assault on SE Asia that necessitated the draft, within memory of activists yet on the front lines, awakened in some (if only in self-interest) if not in humane fellowship with the much put upon natives of southeast asia and activated Anti-War Millions across the globe.

The ruthless destruction of the shredded remnants of the middle class is so well coordinated and ubiquitous, so as to catch the eye of even the most casual observer. Again we have the coincidence of moral outrage and self interest. When a few years ago, a handful of economists  wrote of the obvious injustice of republican voodoo economic policy and those interested in economic fairness raised the alarm, they found themselves greeted with the shrugs of those too mesmerized by their (temporary housing bubble) and the new slave-labor manufactured electronic toys to care. They shopped at Walmart and thought themselves fortunate.

Now the price of refusing to notice the invisible economic policy elephant for what it was and is, a force, empowered to drive Americans to a new feudalism, the working poor are becoming suddenly aware that they cannot live their lives untouched and apart from these KLEPTOCRATIC POLICIES.

The illusion that they can ignore these thieves is dissolving before their eyes. The illusion that they can participate by voting(via republican-manufactured and programmed) black box voting machines, has resulted again and again in a curious pattern of "heads they win, tails we lose elections", resulting in UN-REPRESENTATION with the installation of radicals from the Corporate Party taking the reins of governance and steering policy toward an all-corporate all-the-time agenda.

We who strive to participate in policy have watched in horror as educational policy, investment policy and regulatory policy has turned onto a one way street of corporate give-away and away from serving any public interest. 

Arguments among the politically savvy over how best to wake the slumbering majority, (who dream only of returning to the comfort of their easy chair, so they can watch American idol) only serves the KLEPTOCRATS.  We activist few, must instead focus on informing all we can, of the precise damage being done, by the THIEVES  occupying the PANTALOONS of Public Servants.

Dan's point, that we should take every opportunity to inform and engage our victimized neighbors, is well put, but I would add, we have to be aware of Cassandra's trap. Cassandra's message was accurate and dead-on, but unheeded. We must understand, no one likes to be told, they've left the door open for the BAD-WOLF.  The very significance of the danger makes it's comprehension, that much more difficult.

Explaining to the average voter that there are thieves and worse, in the halls of power only reminds them of two unshakeable facts, their victimization, and the necessity of immediate action. These indisputable facts are as welcome as an eviction noticeWe must offer a realistic alternative to inaction. 

Anyone paying attention, has been made aware, that any hope of college for their children, will be increasingly difficult to obtain, even staying employed and in their homes has become less of a certainty. We must offer more than bad news,  that much their eyes have already told them. Victimized women and children, waters polluted, credit unavailable, services unreliable, expenses rising daily. Anyone looking with open eyes  sees a country in quite terrifying straits. No wonder, amusements, like VOICE and IDOL, are sought. 

We must carry the message of hope through joint action. Survival and change through unity. We must be proponents of unity of action. And not just in words. We must find our common cause. 
SOLIDARITY in Poland faced down the COMMUNIST TANKS and SECRET POLICE and the RUSSIANS EMPIREand WON. We may be facing similar dangers, but our overlords, must maintain the pretense of civil law. 

We can overcome, although we may not have yet crossed our Edmund Pettus Bridge